Why use Video Content Marketing?

Posted on July 02, 2018 at 15:49 PM

Over the last 10 years content marketing has been reshaping advertising and giving organizations a whole new way to engage with clients and supporters. However, while content marketing has grown into a mature communications strategy, very few organizations have figured out how to incorporate video into their content marketing efforts. There are many reasons for this,but one of the largest is that many marketers aren’t sure if video content is valuable for marketing. The truth is, video content marketing, like other forms of marketing, can be a great tool with the right investment for the right organization. Here are some of the reasons why organizations are using video content marketing.

Reason #1

Video helps you stand out

Video is new, and therefore less cluttered. Because written content marketing–such as blogs and e-books–has been demonstrably effective for the last decade, many organizations are using them. This means it’s harder for your organization to stand out now with written content than it was a few years ago. Video, on the other hand, has less of a history of being effective and therefore, less organizations using it. Your content marketing video will be one of few, or even the only one, in places where your blog or e-book post would be one of many.

Reason #2

Video is becoming more affordable

Whether you are hiring a firm or producing content in house, video has gotten drastically more affordable in the last few years. Many organizations can add video into their marketing/communications budget without losing the ability to run other advertisements. The increased affordability also means that businesses with mid-sized budgets can produce content comparable in quality to much larger organizations.

Reason #3

Social media platforms are the new search engines

One of the most important reasons why people advocate for video is that it does well on social media. If your organization isn’t devoting a lot of money to social media advertising you might feel as though paying attention to what performs well on it is not necessary. However, that would ignore one of the biggest shifts in internet behavior. More and more, social media platforms are functioning as search engines. Youtube, which is technically a social media platform, is already the second largest social media platform after Google. A trending hashtag on Twitter can tell you what’s going on in the world as quickly and effectively as a Google news search could. For years, Reddit has been one of the most important places to get questions answered online. Searching for a great wedding photographer in your area is easier on Instagram than it would be on Google, Bing, or Craigslist. Ignoring the shift towards social media is like ignoring search engine optimization in 2005 to 2012.

Reason #4

Video allows you to effectively explain difficult concepts in less time

For businesses that sell complex products or products that require installation, video is a clearer tool for explanation than written content. This can be especially important if the product you sell is expensive. Remorseful buyers who do not know how to use your product can ruin your company’s reputation and destroy your ability to build a strong community. Just as importantly, if your product is complex your clients can easily talk themselves out of a purchase due to fear or uncertainty of not being able to figure it out.

Video can give prospective buyers or donors a clear understanding of what they are getting, how to use it, and why you are the best people to get it from. Writing the same explanation might sound great, but it doesn’t give the buyer the same level of confidence as seeing it does.

To sum things up, video content marketing might not be for everyone yet, but it’s likely worth exploring. Videos’ ability to help you stand out, connect with people on social media, and explain difficult concepts at an increasingly affordable price makes it a powerful tool in any marketer’s tool belt. Just make sure that whatever video you create is responsive to the needs of your community and properly designed for the medium you will be hosting it on. If you accomplish that task you will be able to create amazing content marketing which separates you from your competition.

If you want to learn more about finding the right place to host and share your video click here. If your wondering what content marketing is and if it makes sense for you try reading this article for more information.

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