5 Tips for Building an Instagram Following

Posted on October 28, 2016 at 14:23 PM

In the Internet age, it is more and more necessary to engage with your target audience via social media. Instagram is a way to connect with a large amount of people at once, and to get creative with telling your story. With so much content floating around on this platform, it’s become increasingly important to create content which both gets your point across and stands out. Here are 5 tips to help you build a following on your account and tell your story to a larger number of people.

1. Create strong, interesting visual content

This one seems obvious, but because there is so much content floating around on Instagram (and the web in general), having strong images is necessary for your posts to not be overlooked. This means well-composed, clear photos which have an obvious subject. Do away with the blurry, shaky photos of nothing in particular. Not a photographer? No problem. You don’t have to create award-winning images. Just use your smart phone camera to its full potential. Before taking a photo, narrow down your subject, and steady yourself. Taking a product photo? Put the item on a bright colored background. Make a commitment to post well-composed photos.

2. Make use of hashtags & tag relevant accounts

Hashtags are an Instagram staple. Used correctly, they can generate a large amount of traffic to your posts. Use relevant and popular tags (hello-#tbt) which will bring others to your account. Hashtags are an important tool to building a following.

Additionally, social media is no fun if you’re not bringing others to the party. Posting a photo to promote a future event of yours? Tag those involved to increase the chances of them sharing the photo with their followers and tagging you. After all, the whole point is to connect and expand your outreach.


3. Post engaging images frequently

Once a day is a good posting rule. If you want to keep your followers engaged, make sure that you are consistently creating content for them to interact with. One Instagram faux pas is posting 20 images in a row. Rather than quantity, focus on quality. If you just had an event that you want to share photos from, post your best image on Instagram & urge your followers to view the rest of the images on your Facebook.

4. Link your Instagram to your other social media accounts

When you’re posting a photo, Instagram handily has the option to share your image to your other connected social media accounts-Facebook, Twitter, and more. Doing so will increase traffic to your Instagram and show followers on all platforms how they can keep up with you.

5. Interact with others

Give and you shall receive. Want others to interact with your posts? Comment and like their posts. Follow accounts using hashtags similar to yours. Interacting with other accounts’ posts will give them notifications with your account’s name, which may lead them to check out your account and engage with your posts as well.

In this growing social media age, it’s important to stay relevant online and to use social media to your benefit. And with 300 monthly active users, Instagram is a great way to engage a large audience quickly, making it no surprise that 40% of Fortune 100 companies are using the platform.

Need help figuring out how to brand your images and create strong visual content which will draw your audience in? We’re here to help.

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