We Are JamesGrant Design

We help you create and share images and videos that will allow you to engage with new clients, donors, and staff.

Our Services


Training and Consulting

Our team provides training and support for any brand trying to get the most out of their media. We can help you understand the content that will engage your target audience and how to place that content for maximum impact.


Creative Services

We can also plan and create images and videos for digital media as well as large format images for billboards, bus tail ads, and other large print marketing formats.

Our Process


Review your existing media


Design your digital marketing plan


Create content for your campaign

Meet Our Team

Talk to our community of artist, visionaries, word smiths and Philadelphia food connoisseurs

  • Kenyatta James

Kenyatta James
Chief Executive Officer

Kenyatta is a habitual entrepreneur with a passion for problem solving. He puts the skills he learned from experts at Google, AOL, Kognito Interactive, and IDEO, to use at James Grant Design by serving as the CEO and Head of the Human Centered Design department. When he is not working you can find him posting food pictures on Instagram.

  • Christopher Grant

Christopher Grant
Creative Director

Chris is partner and co-founder. He is highly skilled in visual storytelling and brings his expertise in photography, videography, graphic and web design to the table. He has had the opportunity to work with HBCU, Marvel, and G-Unit and understands how to share visuals across platforms.

  • Lora Mathis

Lora Mathis
Marketing Specialist

Lora is a writer and storyteller who has published two collections of poetry. They bring their experience in website building, social media curation, and storytelling to JamesGrant Design. Outside of work you can catch Lora performing poetry and creating visual work on empathy.

  • Isaiah Randleman

Isaiah Randleman
Photographer / Videographer

Isaiah is a visual artist who grew up in a theater family. He supports JamesGrant Design as a photographer and videographer using his unique understanding of storytelling to create impactful imagery, ensuring stories are brought to life. After hours, he’s a high top fade enthusiast who spends his time perfecting his craft as a landscape photographer.